conference topics

  • Basic and applied thermodynamics.

  • Exergy-based analysis: Applications and teaching in academia.

  • Heat and mass transfer.

  • Computational Thermo-Fluid Dynamics (CFD).

  • Power generation and Combined Heat and Power (CHP) plants.

  • Refrigeration and heat pumps.

  • Fuels, combustion & gasification. Fuel cells. Hydrogen use in energy systems.

  • Process integration, process simulation and optimization, process monitoring & control.

  • Renewable energy.

  • Energy-water nexus, desalination, waste water treatment.

  • Energy policy and planning.

  • Energy storage.

  • Energy use in the industrial, residential, transportation, agricultural sectors. District heating/cooling.

  • Environmental impact of energy systems. Sustainability, resilience, & circular economy. CO2 and GHG mitigation.

  • Energy, materials, waste and water: Resources and footprints.

  • Digitalization, big data, artificial intelligence in the energy sector.

  • Smart grids and renewables integration. Distributed generation.


Group for the Research on Renewable Energy Systems

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